About Urbop

We believe cities are not just concrete and steel, but what makes a successful city is the people that live in it, the people that give life to it´s streets and alleys. We believe in social communities as the base of the city and the citizens as the most important factor.

Our focus is to develop not just buildings but urban communities that allow the full interaction between citizens, buildings and nature. Urban communities that allow citizens to engage in it´s social nature and balance life, work and leisure.

We are a small real estate development firm in Guatemala City dedicated to change the "status quo" of the traditional real estate development. We have developed proprietary algorithms that help us find successful and highly profitable project development opportunities.



We are continually developing successful urban communities. Investors are a key ingredient in the development of our projects, we are continually looking to partner with individuals and institutions that believe in urban communities as the key factor for succesful cities.


We have developed proprietary algorithms that allow us to find the optimal land size according to it's land use, and also the optimal use for the land size. We have worked with many real estate development firms and individuals to find the best land for their projects and the best project for their land.




We are always looking for development opportunities thru changes in land use. If you are a land owner in Guatemala City looking to partner with a committed Real Estate Developer to create great and successful projects, give us a call. If you want to know your land's development potential, let us calculate it's value.

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